FFA Alumni and Supporters

The FFA Alumni chapter at the University of Arkansas strives to help students who support FFA and agricultural education. Whether you were an FFA member in high school or not, this is an opportunity for you to join a registered student organization that supports agricultural education.

 The University of Arkansas FFA Alumni and Supporters is proud to be diverse in membership. All members come from various agricultural experiences and backgrounds. The most commonly associated major with FFA is agricultural education; however, the University of Arkansas chapter is home to a variety of degrees. We are thrilled to open our doors to everyone, no matter what your major or agricultural background looks like!



Annual Dues:


Social Media:

Instagram: @Uarkffalumni

Faculty Advisers:

Dr. Chris Estepp   estepp@uark.edu 

Dr. Will Doss  wd009@uark.edu 

Graduate Advisor:

Sarah James   sfjames@uark.edu