The Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology (AECT) develops its students into agricultural professionals by targeting each individual's interest.

The faculty and staff's main priority is the students. The advisors are known for their development advising and have been recognized through many awards. The open-door policy in faculty offices makes students feel welcome to ask questions throughout the semester - whether academic or personal.

The department has a family atmosphere students can always feel safe and comfortable in. Students in the department spend time between classes in the AECT office where resources are available specifically to help students with their classes. There are even have free donuts on Wednesday!

It is our job to not only develop students into professionals so they are workforce ready after graduation, but to help students in their personal development and growth. College can be tough, but we are here to assist students with their endeavors and working towards their goals. 

collegiate 4h club group


The AECT department has six organizations that give students the opportunity to become involved. Involvment in clubs is a great way for students to learn skills, spend time with friends, and make professional connections.

Photography Internship


The AECT department requires that all students complete an internship during their studies. Many of our students have completed extraordinary internships that have prepared them for careers after graduation. 

Financial aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We encourage all students to apply for our departmental scholarships. This page has information for those seeking financial aid. 

StudyAbroad Bumpers

Study Abroad

The Bumpers College International Programs Office encourages students to add depth to their education by engaging in international educational experiences, research and internships while working closely with Bumpers College faculty and fellow students.

honors medals

Bumpers Honors

The Bumpers College Honors Program encourages students to add depth to their education by engaging in the undergraduate research and creative process, working closely with faculty mentors, and seeking funding for international travel and internship opportunities.