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This webpage hosts agricultural communications curriculum and assessments.

The curriculum can be used to teach the existing frameworks outlined in the Agricultural Communications and Leadership course or the lessons can be integrated into other existing courses to help meet framework requirements in writing, communications and careers.

There are four curriculum modules: writing, design, multimedia and careers. Within each module there are two to four lessons that should be used to cover each concept in depth. Each lesson contains a completed Perkin's funding request form (if applicable), lesson plan, PowerPoint, activities and knowledge assessments. You can enter each curriculum module by selecting  the corresponding image below.

Do not be intimidated by this curriculum! We have made it easy for any instructor to teach. You do not have to be an expert in technology or communications, or have access to specific software to be successful teaching this curriculum. It is not necessary to teach the entire curriculum for your students to find value in each of the outlined content areas.

Please contact me ( if you have questions or need support.

We hope you enjoy the curriculum!


Multimedia Curriculum


Design Curriculum


Careers Curriculum


Funding for this program was provided by:

USDA - National Institute of Food and Agriculture

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture