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Why choose Agricultural, Education, Communication and Technology at the University of Arkansas?

We offer a bachelor of science degree with four undergraduate concentrations, and a master's and doctoral program. Graduates with from our department have a broad knowledge of agricultural disciplines and specific skills related to their area of interest in education, communications and technology. Students can take advantage of a flexible curriculum to prepare themselves for careers as certified agricultural education teachers, extension and industry educators/trainers, agricultural communicators, agricultural technology specialists, and agricultural production and processing managers, to name a few. 

AECT Mission Statement:

The primary mission of the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology and its faculty is to develop human capital in agriculture. The department prepares individuals as agricultural technology transfer specialists in either the public or private sector as agricultural educators, extension agents, industry-based trainers, information specialists or technology management specialists.


George Wardlow

Department Head


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What is AECT?

Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology (AECT) is designed for students to customize their career pathways.


Student Success Stories

Check out some highlights from current students who are making waves across campus, in their internships and throughout their professional development organizations!

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Alumni Success Stories

Our alumni leave the AECT Department prepared for careers in many fields. This page highlights some of the most interesting success stories of our alumni.