Research and Services

Research in the department focuses on improving agricultural education, communications, and technology globally. All faculty members are experts in their specific areas of interest and contribute significantly to the body of knowledge associated with their disciplines. Our department also offers services to educators and to the public that allow our students to gain hands-on experiences in their respective fields of study.

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Faculty Research Areas

Our faculty members conduct research within their disciplines and through collaboration with the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station.

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Experiential Learning Laboratory

The Experiential Learning Lab is an organization that provides low-cost, professional communications services. Our services are provided by part-time student employees who have career interests and skills in agricultural communications. 

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Razorback AgCademy

The Razorback AgCademy gives high school and community college students the opportunity to enroll in college courses through the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences. The program allows students to get college credit at reduced tuition costs, while engaging them in an online learning experience. 

AR Culture

ARCulture Magazine

ARCulture is the official student publication of the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences. The Publications in Agriculture class writes, designs and distributes the magazine every other year. 

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Mobile Learning Lab

The curriculum can be used to teach the existing frameworks outlined in the Agricultural Communications and Leadership course or the lessons can be integrated into other existing courses to help meet framework requirements in writing, communications and careers.