The Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology, AECT, is designed for students to customize their career pathways. The AECT curriculum includes a series of core courses that build a solid foundation in agricultural sciences. Students also have the opportunity to concentrate their studies in education, communications, or technology to best match their professional goals. Graduates from the AECT program find careers in which they use their agricultural knowledge as well as their education, communications, and leadership skills. Recent AECT graduates are working as agricultural education teachers, public relations professionals, and agricultural technology service managers.



Commencement - May 13-14
ACE - June 13-16
NACTA - June 21-24
ALE - July 8-14
AMS - July 23-27
Fall semester starts - Aug. 22

Recent Department Awards

Morgan Marley - John W. White Outstanding Undergraduate
Maggie Jo Hansen - Bumpers College Distinguished Scholar, M.S.
Austin Hamm - Outstanding Transfer Student
Victoria Maloch - Truman Scholar
Kristina Bautista - NACTA Outstanding Graduate Student
Dr. Graham - NACTA Outstanding Educator
Dr. Rucker - U of A ASG Outstanding Faculty
Emily Hawkins and Jessica Guinn - Graduate Student Congress

Department News

Give a Little. It Means a Lot!

“It’s a wonderful life!” Yes, it’s that time of year . . . when our hearts yearn to give that perfect gift and help someone in need. Well, you can now do both simultaneously. You can give the perfect gift without fighting the shopping crowds or searching the Internet. You won’t pay sales tax or shipping costs. Take a tax deduction instead.

Think back several years ago when you were at the University of Arkansas. Were you eating lots of ramen noodles, buying used textbooks, and holding a part-time job or maybe two? Well, the Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology students of today—many of whom are first-generation college students—are doing the same things you were to make ends meet and stay in school.

So this is your opportunity to give a special Christmas gift . . . give to the AECT Alumni Scholarship Fund! No amount is too small; every penny helps, and together we can make a real difference in students’ lives. Our dollars, when added together, will have quite an impact.

Let’s start with a sage rule called the age rule. If you’re in your 20s, give $20. If you’re in your 30s, give $30. Keep climbing: 40s give $40, 50s give $50, and so on. Write your own ticket. Our students will certainly appreciate more but be happy with any amount that you can give!  The important thing is that you click on the above giving button and give what you can. In this case, even a little means a lot. After all, you are making an investment that pays big dividends—you are investing in a student’s future! And that’s a great way to spend your money.

When you open the scholarship link, do not open the “Designation” box.  You want to leave the second box that says “Other department, program or fund” showing “AECT Alumni Scholarship” or else your contribution will not be directed to AECT scholarships.​

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