Our tuition rates are set by the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees and charged per credit hour. The only exceptions are the ID, New Student and International Student Service fees. The ID and New Student fees are charged the first semester you are on campus.

Students enrolled in online classes as well as Fayetteville campus classes are charged mandatory tuition and fees. These fees include Tuition/Nonresident Tuition, Facilities, Library, Media, Network and Data Systems, Student Activity, Student Health and Transit Fee. For a complete list of tuition and fees visit the Treasurer's Office.

Additional fees may apply to various courses taken in other colleges and locations. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. For more information about tuition and fees or to estimate tuition cost, visit the Treasurer's Office website.

The following were assessed per credit hour of enrollment:

Bumpers College Undergraduate Fee

Resident: $24.00

Non-resident: $24.00

International: $24.00

Undergraduate Tuition

Resident: $234.26

Non-resident: $677.73

Estimated Other Expenses

Resident (books, supplies and lab fees): $500.00

Resident (personal expenses and travel): $2,052.00

Non-resident (books, supplies and lab fees): $500.00

Non-resident (personal expenses and travel): $2,052.00