Renewable Energy Analysis Project

solar panel


Dr. Kate Shoulders is working to highlight the potential benefits of renewable energy to farmers and other businesses in the agricultural industry.

The Renewable Energy Analysis Project (REAP) helps visitors understand how renewable energy can be beneficial and shows them which solar system might work best for their needs. This is an important project because the more research and development that is done on renewable energy, the better prepared farmers will be when energy supplies are less abundant. Access to energy will always be a concern for farmers and by allowing them to see what is available and what their best options are, farmers can know what their most energy-efficient options are.

The REAP energy stations set up at the University include on- and off-grid solar generators, a wind turbine, a solar/wind powered well pump and solar powered AC plugs.

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Renewable Energy Analysis Stations

REAP solar panel

Solar Renewable Energy Analysis Station

Two different solar arrays are located at the U of A Abernathy Lab.

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REAP wind energy

Wind Renewable Energy Analysis Station

Wind turbine powers a pump that aerates a pond.

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REAP Integrated Renewable Energy Analysis Station

Integrated Renewable Energy Analysis Station

This solar and wind technology pumps water to a well to water livestock.

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REAP mobile renewable energy analysis station

Mobile Renewable Energy Analysis Station

The mobile unit has multiple types of outlets that run electricity through light bulbs and appliances.

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Meet Kate

Meet Kate

Dr. Shoulders discovered her passion for agriculture at an early age and allowed those interested to shape her career in a way that has resulted in an exciting and impactful opportunity in the Ozarks.

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