Master of Agricultural and Extension Education

The agricultural industry is constantly evolving, making it important to understand what opportunities are available. The Master of Science in Agricultural and Extension Education is designed for agricultural science teachers, extension agents, and other professionals involved in formal or informal education organizations, as well as agricultural professionals who work with applied agricultural technologies or agricultural communications.

The degree plan is developed according to faculty specializations in agricultural education, communications, leadership, or system technology management. Our professors strive to meet the custom needs and interests of individual students.

AGED 5463 - Research Methodology in the Social Sciences

AGED 5473 - Interpreting Social Data in Agriculture

AGED 5483 - Technical Communication in the Social Sciences

AGED 5053 - Philosophy of Agricultural and Extension Education

Students can enroll in approved AG*IDEA  courses in other programs pending enrollment availability. Consult with graduate coordinator (during the pre-registration periods of April and November) for registration instructions. 

Summer 2018 

  • AGED 5243: Graphic Design (course taught by University of Arkansas), section 901 syllabus 
  • AGED 520V: Leadership & Management of Volunteers (Ag*Idea course taught by Oklahoma State University), section 901 syllabus 
  • AGED 520V: Utilizing Online Media AG*Idea course taught by Texas Tech), section 902 syllabus 
  • AGED 520V: Working with Diverse Students (Ag*Idea course taught by California State University, Chico), 

Fall 2018  

  • AGED 5001: Seminar; Grant Writing (course taught by University of Arkansas) syllabus
  • AGED 5033: Developing Leadership in Agri Organizations (course taught by University of Arkansas) syllabus  
  • AGED 5463: Research Methods in Social Sciences (course taught by University of Arkansas)   syllabus
  • AGED 5473: Interpreting Social Data (course taught by University of Arkansas) syllabus 
  • AGED 520V: Advanced Teaching Methods (Ag*Idea course taught by University of Missouri) syllabus 
  • AGED 520V: Program Planning (Ag*Idea course taught by North Carolina State) syllabus
  • AGED 520V: Adult Education (Ag*Idea course taught by Oklahoma State) syllabus
  • AGED 520V: Theory in Ag Communications (Ag*Idea course taught by Kansas State) syllabus 
  • AGED 520V: Program Development  (Ag*Idea course taught by California State University, Chico) syllabus The course focuses on school-based agricultural education.
  • AGED 520V: Risk and Crisis Communication (Ag*Idea course taught by Texas Tech) syllabus

Spring 2019

  •  AGED 5001:  Seminar; Tech Communication
  • AGED 5001:  Seminar; Proposal Development

Because our students are often working professionals with busy lifestyles, we offer 2 flexible options for completing this degree:

Typical Online Tract:



Typical Campus Tract:

  • Courses taken on campus and online
  • Thesis
  • 6 hours of Thesis
  • Core courses offered through the U of A
  • 15 hours from AG*IDEA or other U of A courses 

Program Contact:

Donna Graham
Graduate Coodinator

Program at a Glance

Available to complete 100% online, on campus, or a combination

33 credit hours

2-3 year program completion, depending on student pace

GRE or MAT required, no minimum score

Affiliate of AG*IDEA Consortium

Students can enroll in fall or spring (no summer admission)

A cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher for graduation

Thesis and Non-Thesis option

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